Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello blogging world!
Recently I have decided to blog rather then facebook, twitter, or myspace! To me those kind of services take individuals away from life, and maintaining the important relationships they have in there life’s. I recently have learned this, not from my personal experience, but some of those around me. I've seen how these social networks have abused, and how they ruined people’s lives. People get so obsessed of what going on with other people lives, that they let life pass them by. I have to admit, I love social networking, but i stopped before i got obsessed! (Give me a little credit) :p

Mainly, this blog will be about my life, and maybe a little bit of venting. (SO DONT GET ANOYED) I don’t care if this blog gets any views, I’ve made it for my entertainment!

Anyways, a little about my life:
I have a wonderful wife, that i was married to last year on Sept. 4, 2010! She is my honey bun, sugar plum, pumpkin...well you get the point!!! We have a little baby boy on the way, and we are already in love with this little one! We have felt him kick, and he even covered his face during the ultrasound! (little butt) We are both excited to meet him! I live here in Utah with my whole intermediate family. My parents of course, two older brothers, and are baby sister! I love them all, and there little families! My in laws are the sweetest and nicesest people around. I’m so glad to have them in my life!

I think that’s enough for today! I’ll let you know (blog) more latter on!

Monday, December 27, 2010